ARC Energy Take On ‘The Cotswold Plod’

For the second year running an Arc Energy team entered this gruelling 39.8 mile walk along the Cotswold way to raise money for Action Medical Research for Children.

Our team were:
• Adam Reimann, Project Manager, our Captain
• Tom Majewski, Welder/Cladder
• Cliff Hall, Sales Engineer
• Martin Sandles, Project Manager

Supported by:
• Rosemary Robinson, Director
• Alan Robinson, MD
• Steve Fletcher, Goods-in Storeman

The Arc Energy team was the first away at midnight, and at around 1.30 they passed through the first checkpoint at Coaley Peak without stopping. All four were looking comfortable with the pace, well ahead of the crowd already. By the time they passed the Ebley by-pass at 2.30am they were already ahead of last years’ time by 90 minutes. They arrived at Cripplegate at 3.20am – a very quick coffee, then lights were seen in the path at the entrance to the checkpoint, so the team headed off at speed, determined not to be caught. A shame they did not know that the lights belonged to volunteers and the next team were nowhere near!

The next check point was a further 16.8 miles and by this time the pace was slowing. More than half way and the walkers were still powering ahead, stopping only for a quick snack, taking on more water and changing socks, then off again.

The team arrived at the final destination, Cleeve Hill Golf Club, at about 1.05pm to cheers and photographs, then remembered to check in for the last time to get their time registered.

To everyone’s amazement they were 2 hours ahead of the next team. The Arc Energy team were undoubtedly advantaged by the fact that Cliff knew the route well, so there were no mistaken deviations that delayed us last year, and other teams this year.

It was commented upon that the walkers performed their task with smiles on their faces, excellent teamwork and good spirits. From the reply, this was not the whole story, and there were some very naughty words mentioned, but what goes on the walk stays on the walk…. They were sporting enough, despite their aches and pains, to stay and cheer the next team in (who after all, had done 2 more hours than our team), although they could not stay awake to stay any longer.

The Just Giving site is still open at ArcEnergyResources or see any member of the team.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 34

Autumn 2015 // Issue 34
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