Advanced Valve Solutions is the Primary Channel for Hora and Persta Valves and Spares for the UK and Ireland

With many years of engineering experience on Hora and Persta valves in critical power generation applications Advanced Valves Solutions (AVS) offers more than just products.

In addition to holding joint patents with Hora, AVS engineers have excellent working relationships with engineers and technical staff at both Hora and Persta. This enables AVS to offer the right product for your application and the best technical support possible.

Our experience and expertise with Hora and Persta valves has enabled us to help many UK power stations significantly reduce maintenance costs and downtime.

AVS has:

• designed custom valves and associated trim
• assessed critical spares stock levels to minimise downtime
• provided valve diagnostics to predict failure and implement preventative maintenance

The Definitive Information
AVS has valve figure numbers and drawings for all Hora and Persta valves installed in the UK and Ireland. This means that we have the definitive, as built, information on your valves and we can ensure that you always get the correct spares and replacement valves even when the original valve has modifications.

In our experience when Hora and Persta valves have been installed by the lead contractor during the initial plant build it is possible for a site to have an incomplete manifest and be unaware of the origin of certain critical valves.

Reverse engineered spares cost the UK power industry millions of pounds every year because of poor quality. Make sure that you get original, correct spares and replacement valves.

AVS Spares Management System
AVS, in conjunction with Hora, has developed a Spares Management System to ensure that you always have the correct drawings, spares, repairs and replacement parts.

Always having the correct drawings and having excellent lines of communication with Hora and Persta ensures that the we can give best advice to repair or replace and thus ensure the optimum balance of low cost of ownership and maximum availability.

Advanced Valve Solutions has replaced many valves in critical applications in UK power stations and has a proven track record in protecting stations from loss of production and saving £000,000s in repairs and replacement parts.

Advanced Valve Solutions (UK) Ltd
Tel: +44 (0)1270 534685

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 34

Autumn 2015 // Issue 34
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