New NORSOK Qualifications for W H Tildesley Forgings

W H Tildesley Ltd has just received its latest set of NORSOK qualifications

W H Tildesley uses a closed die, drop forged process

W H Tildesley uses a closed die, drop forged process
New M650 Edition 4 QTRs extend Tildesley’s qualification until mid-2020. Materials covered are super duplex stainless steels F51 (UNS S31803), F55 (UNS S32760) and austenitic stainless steel F44 or “6Mo” (UNS S31254).

Sales & Marketing Manager, Phil Hobley commented:

‘We are now qualified to produce a range of parts under these qualifications: Flanges, Nozzles, Valve Bodies, Valve Components and Fittings.

‘The team here have done a fine job of stepping through the rigorous approval process. We were qualified by Aker Solutions who were very complimentary about our manufacturing facilities and business systems, which they regarded as unusually sophisticated for a smaller independent company.

‘We run a tightly controlled materials planning, scheduling and quality system that gives us complete traceability of all materials and processes with a minimum of fuss. We have been producing components under NORSOK qualifications since 2008.

‘The qualification process includes qualifying the heat treatment facility and conducting furnace verification surveys on the furnaces that must be used for any work supplied against the QTRs. W H Tildesley has partnered with the Special Steels Group in Sheffield. Their Woodbourn Hill plant has an advanced automated set of furnaces for solution treatment prior to rapid water quenching and offers rapid turnaround for small and medium batch work which is an excellent fit with our requirement.’

A copy of our QTRs can be accessed from our home page at

W H Tildesley uses a closed die drop forged process to produce parts at its site in Willenhall, West Midlands.

Parts can be supplied as-forged, proof machined or finish machined from a few grams up to 70kg finished forged weight.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 34

Autumn 2015 // Issue 34
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