Pioneering new 10˝ LNG Transfer Systems delivered to Excelerate Energy

The operational commissioning of the KLAW LNG Ship-to-Ship Transfer System on the Excelerate LNG vessel Exquisite.

Close-up of the KLAW LNG ERC in operation on the Excelerate LNG vessel Exquisite
KLAW LNG has delivered two new LNG Transfer Systems to Excelerate Energy. This ground-breaking technology is the first LNG Hose Transfer System that combines the advantages of KLAW Flip-Flap Valve technology with controlled closure and the transfer rate benefits of a 10˝ system.

KLAW LNG Hose Transfer Systems allow for the effective management of Ship-to-Ship LNG transfer and the close-down of flow and hose line separation in the event of an emergency. Activation of these emergency facilities are either automatic or through manual override procedures – depending on the circumstance.

The systems were commissioned on the Excelerate Energy vessels Exquisite in Dubai and Explorer in Pakistan during March and April 2015.

Each system consists of eight Emergency Release Couplings (ERCs), eight Twin Saddle Fall Arrest Systems, Hydraulic Power Control Units (HPUs), eight Y-Pieces and Valve 23 Vessel Separation Detection Units.

KLAW LNG Flip-Flap Valve ERCs provide a much more compact and lightweight solution compared to alternative designs. The Flip-Flap Valve delivers minimum headloss and a reputation for reliability and unrivalled operational performance.

The HPU provides control and management over the system and contains both automatic and manual functionality along with sequence and backup facilities. The Valve 23 Vessel Separation Detector delivers Emergency Shut-Down ESD-1 and ESD-2 sequences in the event of vessel drift.

LNG (Liquefied Natural Gas) is Natural Gas in a liquefied state. LNG is achieved by reducing the temperature of the gas to a cryogenic state of approximately −162 °C (−260 °F). LNG takes 1/600th the volume of natural gas in its gaseous state which means that in terms of volume, it is easier to store and transport. The reliability and performance of safety critical systems such as that provided by KLAW LNG is crucial to the future of LNG transfer where the management of safe cryogenic media transfer requires a particular standard of engineering expertise.

Many hundreds of commercial LNG transfers have been safely and efficiently conducted using KLAW LNG transfer systems. KLAW LNG has been involved in the development of safe LNG transfer solutions from the very beginning when back in 2006 the first ever commercial offshore Ship-to-Ship hose transfer of LNG was completed when eight cryogenic KLAW LNG ERCs were commissioned by Excelerate.

KLAW LNG also provides LNG Transfer Systems for Ship-to- Shore, LNG Bunkering (refuelling vessels with LNG), and LNG Emergency Response Systems. Systems can be large or small scale with sizes ranging from 4˝ to 8˝ and 10˝.

Excelerate Energy has a reputation for innovation and was the first to deliver a Floating Storage and Regasification Unit (FSRU) to market. Excelerate has pioneered ship-to-ship transfer of LNG and now operates the largest fleet of FSRUs in the world.

KLAW LNG is part of the Signum Technology Group and the success of the 10˝ LNG Transfer System project is a natural consequence of the Signum strategy which is to build a family of quality businesses through a ‘buy and build’ acquisition strategy that enables businesses to realize their potential.

Phil Clifton CEO of Signum Technology, commented. ‘Despite the extremely tight deadlines and technical challenges, the KLAW LNG engineering team delivered these two fantastic systems on-time and within budget; systems that will provide unrivalled performance in the safe and efficient transfer of LNG.’

With its considerable investment in research and product development, KLAW LNG is confirming its technical leadership in the field of safe LNG Transfer

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 34

Autumn 2015 // Issue 34
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