Determining Value

A short while ago myself and some senior members
of the BVAA had an exploratory chat with a very large
company on the potential for them to consider joining
the Association.

For me, it was spookily familiar to most membership discussions we have.

You start with running through the gamut of services and gauging their reaction to what essentially sells itself. I’m paraphrasing but essentially it goes like this…

The Technical resource?:
‘Yes that’s invaluable. The ability to have on demand advice and guidance is very useful and we get solutions to problems we didn’t know how to resolve. It’s also very quick to deliver an answer or guide me to one.’

‘A fantastic opportunity. It has proven very valuable to have it from a well-known and recognised body it is and clear benefit to us. As a member I realise I’d get a substantial discount.’

Desktop exhibitions?:
‘Again really helpful to us to make the right choices with emerging technology and meet the right people, some of whom I now meet regularly and speak with on a weekly basis for advice.’ Determining Value

Future Leaders Programme?:
‘I never thought about it before but yes, I realise just how valuable this could be to us. It’s certainly something we should explore.’

Networking opportunities?:
‘Yes, the MOST important aspect. I would never have met some of my contacts without the BVAA’s involvement and introductions.

We need to get more of our staff members involved with BVAA. In fact BVAA recently helped my company avoid £500k of consequential damages by helping us find urgently needed product for a shutdown. That it was BVAA that was asking for us really opened doors and elicited a swift response.’

So it’s a No Brainer then?:
‘Oh I’ll go upstairs, but my boss wouldn’t see the value in it.’

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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