International Steam Trap Standards – Proposal to revise

What is it?: The following International Standards have completed their 5 year review. The UK voted to confirm except ISO 6554 where the vote was abstain due to lack of national expertise. The majority decision of the members of ISO TC153 was to confirm each standard. Comments were received from France, China and Canada.

1. ISO 6552:1980 and Cor 1:2009 “Automatic steam traps - Definition of technical terms”
2. ISO 6554:1980 “Flanged automatic steam traps - Face-to-face dimensions”
3. ISO 6704:1982 “Automatic steam traps – Classification”
4. ISO 6948:1981 “Automatic steam traps - Production and performance characteristic tests”
5. ISO 7841:1988 “Automatic steam traps - Determination of steam loss - Test methods”
6. ISO 7842:1988 “Automatic steam traps - Determination of discharge capacity - Test methods”

Why is it important?: At its meeting on 2019-9-27 TC153 will discuss whether to revise these standards based on the comments received. The comments received are BSi Documents PSE/18_19_0053 to 0058.

Four of these ISO standards have corresponding EN standards, ISO 6704 EN26704, ISO 6948 EN 26948, ISO 7841 EN 27841 and ISO 7842 EN 27842.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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