prEN 15714-5:2019 Industrial Valves - Actuators Part 5: Pneumatic linear actuators for industrial valves - Basic requirements - Draft for Public Comment

What is it?: This document provides basic requirements for piston type pneumatic linear actuators for industrial valves, both double acting and single acting, used for on-off and modulating control duties.

It includes criteria, method and guidelines for design, qualification, corrosion protection, control and testing.

It does not apply to diaphragm actuators and to pneumatic actuators which are integral parts of control valves.

Why is it important?: This is a new part of the EN15714 series of standards for actuators. Part 3 is pneumatic part-turn actuators. This extends the standardisation process to cover pneumatic linear actuators

Supersedes: Potential new standard.

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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