HSP Valves to expand and strengthen its capabilities

HSP Valves is set to expand its position as a major valve supplier

Valve Automation facility in Aberdeen

Control panels in assembly in Aberdeen

12" 2500 RTJ Actuated Ball Valve, Dubai Facility
Over the last 40 years, HSP has become one of the UKs largest valve distributors to the oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

The company has announced plans to expand its capability with the opening of a new valve automation facility in Dubai later this year.

HSPs 25,000 sqft valve automation facility in Aberdeen, where it designs and builds pneumatic and hydraulic actuated control systems, will be replicated at its Jebel Ali base in Dubai to support its growing customer base in the Middle East.

The company is recognised for solving the most complex and demanding valve procurement challenges as a result of its vendor relationships, resources, expertise and customer partnerships.

The loss of skills from the engineering sector in recent years has been well documented. As customer resources within the industry have become stretched, distributors like HSP have responded with technical and procurement support on all aspects of valves as well as delivering actuation packages, built in-house to customer specification.

Derrick Mackenzie, managing director for HSP Valves said: It is an exciting time at HSP Valves as we see our Dubai and Singapore centres expand to meet growing need world-wide. Our plant in Aberdeen has an exceptional reputation, and it is also our base for the assembly of actuated valve packages we produce, which are used in the oil and gas industry across Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

We aim to replicate this success at our Dubai base, in providing fast track actuation package assembly. Our heritage is in supplying the maintenance, repair and operations environment in the North Sea and supporting global EPC projects, and this success enables us to offer this service to our clients in the Middle East and Asia Pacific region.

Our international network is strong and enables us to facilitate global projects seamlessly. We have excellent relationships with manufacturers globally and can ensure projects are completed smoothly and on time. As a group, we are proud of not just our high level of technical knowledge, but also our responsiveness and attention to detail on very complex projects.

Over the last four years HSP has significantly grown its valve actuation service to customers in the UK and overseas.

The company provides a diverse range of actuated valves that vary both in design and dimensions ranging in sizes from 1 to 48-inch diameter and in pressure ratings up to Class 2500.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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