Langley Alloys are #notjustsuperduplex

Langley Alloys prides itself as being #thehomeofsuperduplex on account of our invention of the original super duplex stainless steel, Ferralium 255. However, the breadth and depth of our nickel alloy stockholding has been consistently growing. Our latest investment in stock is the addition of Alloys 925 and 825 in sizes most relevant to valve manufacturers.

Although our super duplex stainless steel grades – Ferralium 255, SAF2507, 32760 – are all widely used in the production of valves and actuators, there are times when other alloys are required. For example, super duplex grades are limited to a continuous service temperature of less than 250degC.

An austenitic stainless steel could be used at slightly higher temperatures, but nickel alloys are best suited when the temperatures go higher still. Alloys 825 and 925 are the entry point to a family of high performance, but more expensive, nickel-based alloys.

Alloy 825 is the more commonly known alloy in the valve market, and Langley Alloys has already supplied a number of BVAA members with packages of solid bar for the machining of various components. It can be used at temperatures of up to 540degC and the various additions to its composition provides good resistance to a number of acids, oxidation and general corrosion. It can be readily machined, but its strength is relatively low compared with super duplex and other nickel alloys.

Alloy 925 is perhaps less widely known in the valve market, although it is increasingly widely specified by leading companies for the production of Oil and Gas tooling and components. It is largely similar to Alloy 825 in terms of composition, therefore its general properties, corrosion resistance and temperature operating range are near identical. However, it was developed to provide significantly higher strengths. Its mechanical properties are comparable with the most widely specified nickel alloy, Alloy 718, but the lower nickel content means that it is significantly lower cost. Unless the operating conditions demand the more highly-alloyed 718 grade then many clients are now choosing to switch specification to Alloy 925. Our current stock range covers the most relevant sizes for valve and actuator manufacture; in Alloy 825 we stock up to 10″ diameter, and in Alloy 925 from 4″ to 9″ diameters.

Being best-known for our focus on super duplex stainless steels has served Langley Alloys well. However, as BVAA members continue to broaden their horizons and supply projects on a global basis, then we feel it is only appropriate that our stock range continues to evolve.

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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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