Flexitallic maintains commitment to innovation with latest sealing solution developments

Flexitallic has been at the forefront of innovation for more than 100 years and is dedicated to understanding and overcoming sealing challenges faced in the field by providing solutions that protect its customers’ assets while delivering optimum process efficiencies.

Across sectors including oil and gas, power generation, chemical and petrochemical industries, Flexitallic has become the global leader in sealing solutions, through extensive research and development alongside detailed industry knowledge and experience.

This includes its ground-breaking Thermiculite®, which was borne out of industry requirements for a gasket material that can operate at higher temperatures for longer periods of time whilst maintaining seal integrity. Thermiculite® achieves this performance through the innovative use and manufacturing of uniquely processed vermiculite. By combining specially prepared thermally exfoliated and chemically exfoliated vermiculite the structure of crystal plates in Thermiculite® ensures a gas tight seal even under the most extreme process conditions.

As a result, Thermiculite® can operate in critical service applications, from cryogenics to temperatures in excess of 1,000˚C, effectively eliminating graphite oxidation, which limits seal life and seal tightness.

Thermiculite® is also incorporated within a number of high temperature options within Flexitallic’s range of Compression Packings and Stem Sets, which are designed for specification with pumps and valves.

Its portfolio of more than 20 compression packing options provide a comprehensive range of sealing solutions, which can be applied to valves and pumps operational in assets in industries ranging from food, brewing and pharmaceutical through to petrochemical, paper & pulp and abrasive material applications.

Flexitallic’s range of stem sets support Fugitive Emissions Management. The products are manufactured to effectively minimise leakage levels set out by legislation and are benchmarked against ISO 15848 to demonstrate their capabilities against strict testing and qualification standards for industrial valves.

The latest sealing industry innovation from Flexitallic is gasket filler material for use in corrosion sensitive applications, Corriculite®. The material, which will be showcased on Flexitallic’s exhibition stand at Offshore Europe, tackles the issue of flange face corrosion on bolted joints.

In response to customer demands for an improved material with strong anti-corrosion characteristics, Flexitallic created the filler material for a range of spiral wound gaskets, specifically designed for use in corrosion-sensitive environments in industries such as oil and gas, power and marine. Corriculite® ensures seals maintain integrity by preventing galvanic corrosion, with a leakage rate of zero and is Fire Safe to API 6FB. Conventional graphite materials fail to prevent the corrosion of flanges due to graphite’s electrical conductivity and position in the galvanic series. This leads to premature failure and leakage.

Corriculite® overcomes this issue as it is an inert, non-conductive filler material that remains inactive in corrosive mechanisms and joints. Through rigorous and robust testing, Corriculite® is proven to outperform graphite, demonstrating a pressure loss of only one percent, compared to 17 percent in an equivalent graphite gasket.

For more information visit www.flexitallic.eu or meet the Flexitallic team at Offshore Europe on Stand 1T49.

Tel: 01274 851273
Email: contactus@flexitallic.eu
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Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Autumn 2019 // Issue 50
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