Future Leaders Programme - Cohort 4

A brilliant team building excercise at the second FLP session (Photo: Lattitude7)

A brainstorming session of personal obstacles to overcome

Newly acquired presentation skills being put to good use
On 10th / 11th June, BVAA hosted the Induction Day and first personal development (PD) session for the latest group of valve industry professionals to undertake the BVAA Future Leaders Programme (FLP).

However Cohort 4 will be the first to see their work recognised by the Institute of Leadership & Management, as a formal qualification. Rob Bartlett writes:-

‘To maintain the quality in the individuals chosen for this prestigious programme, this year BVAA instigated a selection process involving interviews with myself, the FLP course leader Dr Martin Haigh MBE and Dave Godfrey, himself an alumnus of the very first cohort who has since been co-opted to the BVAA Board.’

‘In addition to the usual psychometric analysis, we tested delegates further via the taxing interview, which included a series of objective competency-based questions. The outcome is that we have chosen what we feel is a very strong team going forward, an assessment since confirmed by the psychometric team-analysis.’

‘I am absolutely delighted to report that thanks to the efforts of our course leader Dr Haigh, henceforth BVAA’s FLP delegates will also have their work recognised as a formal qualification by the ILM.’

‘Unlike previous years, there will be examinations, reflective journals and written assignments. They will be given an end-ofyear project and we have also beefed up the personal development aspects still further, making it a very comprehensive programme indeed.’ Rob concluded, ‘We have seen each cohort embrace the programme and work extremely hard. One outcome is that many of the delegates have been promoted since joining the FLP, on occasion, more than once. The key outcome however is that we have better prepared these delegates for a career in the valve industry, with wider experience and improved skills sets, but also – crucially – seen the vast majority of these talented people stay in our industry, our ultimate goal.’

Published in Valve User Magazine Issue 50

Winter 2019 // Issue 51
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